Torres Starts. Scoring! – The Return of Blondie-locks

After 16 months of rivaling the legendary Emile Heskey and the likes, for scoring droughts and missed sitters, Fernando Torres has finally proved that he isn’t totally wasted. Sort of. Liverpool fans might remember him as a majestic assassin who would burst into the box, beat players with power and skill and conjure goals out of thin air.

Lately however, he’d become more of a pot bellied pickpocket who couldn’t score even if he was all alone in front of goal. Believe me, he tried. He cut a sad figure at the end of Spain’s previous game against Italy where it seemed he knew that a storm was coming, again, having missed a couple of great chances to win the game for his country.

This catastrophic drop in form for the striker has coincided with him going from blonde to brunette. He thought it would be a good idea to celebrate the World Cup victory by going brunette. And that’s when things started to go wrong for him. He started feeling betrayed by Liverpool and decided that he needed to go to a team where he’d be needed and feel wanted, who would think of only him and nobody else. So he went to Chelsea, bright young lad that he was.

It seemed London robbed him of his talent as soon as set foot there and over the next season and half he proceeded to become the most talked about striker in England. Until Andy Caroll. But that’s a story for another day.

Toward the end of this past season however, we started to see shades of his old self. Literally. The blonde locks started growing back and Torres, mercifully, let them. And all of a sudden he found himself one on one with Victor Valdes at the Nou Camp in a Champions League semi-final.

That’s the thing with a player like Torres, no matter how much fun you make of him, he still is a greatly talented chap. As Ravi Shastri would creatively put it, “form is temporary, class is permanent”. It may still be too early to judge, and while there is always the risk that he may relapse and colour his hair pink if Spain win the Euros (again), I think he’s showing positive signs. He seems to have recognized that blonde is his best bet.

Even the staunchest of Liverpool fans would agree he is a joy to watch when in full flow, so here’s hoping he returns to his glorious past form… And sticks to being blonde.


About dittob

A football observer with allegiances to only one club. I like watching teams, coaches and their systems.. all from the comfort of my sofa. Armchair punditry and more.
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