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2012-13 Season Review – In case you were in the Stone Age last year.

If you want to know what bitter-sweet feels like, ask Jupp Heynckes. Every time the poor fellow wins the Champions League, it turns out he’s out of a job for next season. It happened with Real Madrid in ’98, when … Continue reading

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Preview – Tottenham v Chelsea : Revenge, Vindication and an Orange Beard…

Its a plot that would make a wonderful story-line for the quintessential Bollywood flick. There’s bound to be truck loads of drama wherever Chelsea go, not least because John Terry’s on the prowl. But when he’s not busy (not) racially … Continue reading

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Let the Party Begin! Real Madrid v Man City – UCL Preview

If the Champions League was the hottest club in town, Man City are the guy that got in by slapping the bouncer with a wad of cash. There’s no judgement there. Just a fact. And the slapping had been going … Continue reading

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The Wizard on Grass : Andres Iniesta

At 5 foot 8, he isn’t the tallest guy around. At around 63 kilos, pale faced with a receding hairline, he isn’t someone you’d even look once at, in a crowd. Pretty much your ‘Average Jose’, as the Spanish would … Continue reading

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Formation Fixation

Before I launch into this one, there are some observations I’ve made over the years which give some perspective. Here in India, we have next to no interest in Football, the game. Without doubt there is an increasingly large population … Continue reading

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The Dark Knight Rises.. Hopefully.

The Premier League is almost upon us, and as usual money has been splashed around like it spouts from bottomless wells and managers have been given their targets for the season. One of the surprise top shoppers of the off-season … Continue reading

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Are Spain BORING?

Spain have won an unprecedented third consecutive major championship and with it, have cemented their place in the pantheon of some of the greatest teams ever. What is far from cemented though, is their reputation of being an entertaining team … Continue reading

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